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The Ginger Beer Engine Song

In the style of an Old Time Music Hall number, Cockney accent optional.

There’s a market down in Hackney, along by London Fields,

With food and drink a-plenty, you can have a decent meal,

And if you seek refreshment at any old time of year,

There’s a Ginger Beer Engine serving home-made ginger beer.


Oh it is a mighty engine, filled right up to here,

With the Ginger Beer Engineer’s home-made ginger beer.

There is ginger beer in bottles, and ginger beer in tins,

But ginger beer on tap is the very finest thing,

And in the chill of winter, for a drink to warm you up,

They’ll get steam up for steaming sarsaparilla in a cup.


Some folk say that ginger beer is really not their style,

But the Engineer’s undaunted and he gives a cheery smile,

With three taps on the engine, for all the drinks he’s made,

Like dandelion and burdock and his tasty lemonade.


If you ask him nicely you can taste a little drop,

And very soon you realise this ain’t just fizzy pop.

It’s brewed up like your Granddad did in days of yesteryear,

With a plant in a glass in time gone past he made his ginger beer.


Lyrics: Maureen Jones